MartyParty—A Little Bit Hip-Hop And A Little Bit Of Face Melting Dubstep


Meet MartyParty (aka Martin Folb), an electronic music producer and performer born in South Africa currently living in New York. He makes music in his home studio on a computer (typically with his dog Mackie by his side—she is a Miniature Pinscher, btw) and travels around the continent playing it loud for folks like you and me on huge sound systems. It’s a little bit hip-hop and a little bit dubstep. Sometimes it’s pretty and other times it’s nasty. He fancies himself a hip-hop collector. He likes to break the songs apart in his head to learn the arrangements, the tones, timings and melodies that make them special. He started listening to dubstep when it first came out and he’s been hooked ever since. He love bass and feels like the next form of hip-hop, what he calls “progressive hip-hop,” will have basslines using the bass synth tones from dubstep, with way less rapping. That’s the music he’s making anyway. When an idea comes to him, he just writes it down. When he’s happy with what he’s got, he’ll zip them up and put them up on the Internet to share. Speaking of writing, his songs are like stories—meaning there is an intro, a body, followed by a conclusion. He basically just writes all day. In fact, he has so many melodies running around his head that he claims it can get overwhelming and hard to sleep, which is why he usually watches TV on his iPad in bed till he falls asleep. Lately he’s been enjoying Top Gear, Trailer Park Boys and Sons of Anarchy. MartyParty just released the “Sub On" dubstep” EP on October 14. Next up is his 6 Shots of Jameson album due for release in December. And he’s getting ready for an US/Canada MartyParty tour in February and March 2012. If you love the face melting feeling of sub bass...you'll love MartyParty.


I had to choose one of the three and finally chose a dude in a green superhero one piece spandex suit with MartyParty logos screen printed all over it and a full purple army weapon set.

How would you describe your sound to a deaf person?
Deaf people will be feeling the sub bass just like us so they feel it already—the different frequencies of sub bass vibrate you differently and you can follow the melodies just right—my music is awesome for deaf people. Sub ON.

What was your favorite toy as a child and when/why did you stop playing with it?
Lego and marbles all dzay! I was addicted to Lego and glass marbles. Lego for building ridiculous structures and marbles for the playground—I think I still have some of both lying around somewhere. Stopped when I got into girls.

Any colorful incidents involving a fan?
A fan dress up competition in Nashville TN—the finalists had unreal outfits. I had to choose one of the three and finally chose a dude in a green superhero one piece spandex suit with MartyParty logos screen printed all over it and a full purple army weapon set. Insane.

Favor us with a moment in life that changed the course of, or defined, your aesthetic philosophy.
Busting out of the corporate rat race and going to Costa Rica for two years. Living in the jungle and on the beach and surfing really changed me—took me to my roots and got me into my art.

Your creative arc. Alpha to omega, go.
I’m always writing music—on the plane, in bed, at the hotel. Always. I’m inspired by all and everything: a sound, a melody, a beat, a vocal, an emotion—I just really need a laptop and a couple drum samples and a synth plugin and I’m away. It never takes more than a few hours to finish a good song. If it takes too long it usually means it sucks. I just delete it then and start fresh. No use fighting music, it should be easy to make and listen to.

The movement from CD to MP3 was a big paradigm shift in the music biz. Crystal ball time. What will be the next big shake up? How are you going to come out on top?
Things are a bit different for my generation of musicians, I never made CDs—I started with files and the Internet and have never lived in the previous world. The relationship with the fan and how they receive the music and when they receive the music is changing. Playing all original sets and then giving the whole set away to the audience is coming. Streaming live from the mixer and video into real time audiovisual “party” streams that people can stream at home is coming. Much more prolific production and release schedules are coming. Just more data, faster and more readily accessible by the fans. Independent producers breaking into the mainstream through the Internet without labels or management is coming. This will shake the industry up the most.

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Do you think there are any commonly held societal beliefs that are false?
It’s a tricky time to believe anything you are told—best to only belief what you have seen and experienced in your real life. Keep an open mind about everything. I think broad generalizations are over. A little bit of everything is great for you—abstinence causes intolerance. Everyone is different and nothing is for everyone. Just work it out for yourselves. Everyone likes something else.

MartyParty "Pac Man"

MartyParty "Ice Cream Truck"

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