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Not What You Think: “Body Scapes”

“Body Scapes” isn’t what you think it might be. Sure, the project revolves around three Adult Film stars and a seasoned photographer. And yes, it contains the word “Pornography” in the subtitle. But you are going to be supremely disappointed if you think your patronage is funding the next blockbuster to prematurely “come” out of the Los Angeles Valley’s most seedy industry.

In actuality, “Body Scapes: Art vs. Pornography” explores the very preconceived notions that you may or may not have attached to the project in the preceding paragraph. Initiated by Ela Darling, an actress specializing in “lesbian and fetish adult film with a focus on high cinematic and aesthetic luster,” the project intends to open a new vein of communication in the art world, which is currently preoccupied with a sales model that’s “more like comic books than traditional art,” according to the women. The collection is comprised of 15-foot scroll images presenting the impressions made when paper caresses the girls’ naked, painted body parts, that so many have already seen without any paint at all. If you are such an individual, then you have even more of an incentive to head over to the project’s Kickstarter page and pledge your funding, which will be graciously exchanged for a personalized imprint (on paper, post card, or aluminum depending on your generosity), merchandise, or even a 10-minute phone call or Skype chat, assuming the goal of $5000 is met by December 7.

But this too, isn't what you think it is. There is a purpose, an intent, one that goes far beyond a few Porn Stars attempting to make their art a more viable art form. For starters, these women are profoundly educated: Ela and Dylan possess master’s degrees in library/information sciences and social work, respectively, and Zoe received a Le Cordon Bleu degree…while in high school. If that’s not impressive enough, the project itself carries an important subtext: how much does the occupation or reputation of those involved affect how their art is perceived by a wider audience? In essence, by preemptively judging them, you are doing exactly what they expected: you are participating in the performance.

The three women are collaborating with Victor Wilde (The Bohemian Society), an artist who has dabbled in performance art, fashion design, painting, sculpture, photography, and conceptual art to much acclaim. Be sure to stop by their Kickstarter page to find out more.

The images below are some small-scale examples of their prints:

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