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One Of The Newest And Biggest You-Need-To-know Dance Artists—Alvin Risk

What I instantly noticed with Alvin Risk's music is he doesn’t stick with just one type of dance music or one type of remix. There’s an array of style in each of his works. In just a few short months, Risk has obtained the attention of big name artists like Skrillex, Kaskade, Nero, Chuckie, Pendulum and Steve Aoki (just to name a few). Speaking of Aoki, Alvin and Steve have become good friends…they were even in a car accident together! No worries, it was a minor one. Read on for Alvin’s take on the situation:


He’d just played this really historic museum in downtown DC and the curator (a genius) was driving us to the club where Steve was playing his second show that night. She’d never seen a DJ perform and was really fascinated by it and was describing what she’d seen and breaking it down from a scientific perspective when all of a sudden we get T-boned by a half drunk girl in an SUV. Everyone got outta the car and was totally freaked out except for Steve. For him it was like just another day at the circus.

Currently, Risk is working on a remix of Aoki’s track “Earthquakey People” while finishing up an EP coming out this month through Dim Mak/Ministry of Sound. For now, check out five of his bangin’ remixes I handpicked for your listening pleasure.

Jamaica "Jerich"o (Alvin Risk Remix)

Housse De Racket "Roman" (Alvin Risk Remix)

Example "Stay Awake" (Alvin Risk Remix)

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