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Orange County: Dillon Francis @ The Yost



Electrik Distortion by Pure Evolution has become the number one 18+ Orange County spot for electronic music. Out of Santa Ana, the Yost Theater brings in some of the biggest names in the growing electric dance movement. On the night of October 27th the moombahton master showcased his skills. That would be Dillon Francis.

Francis tore down the house to a sell out crowd. The artist who is known for “Not giving a Fuck or Shit” came with a lot of energy and a lot of Maker’s Mark and Yost was prepared. Lights from the rafters and stage illuminated the entire place bringing a Las Vegas/Los Angeles club atmosphere.

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The event brought so much attention fans were being turned away at the door hours before Dillon even went on. Fans were spoiled with opening DJ performances by Precept and DJ Slander, which had successful set progression for Dillon’s headlining performance.

Around midnight drinks were hitting the crowd’s system, the bass was being turned up for a memorable night and Dillon was about to take stage. As soon as that happened, the crowd erupted with a roar of excitement. Dillon played all of his hits including “Masta Blasta” and “I.D.G.A.F.O.S.” while mixing in other artists like Skrillex, Doctor P and Flux Pavillion. His set drove the go-go dancers nuts and brought Goosebumps to listeners. The sellout crowd enjoyed Dillon until 2 am when the lights turned on with a sigh of disappointment and a cry for an encore came from the crowd.

Be sure to make it a point to see Dillon Francis perform live. Recently signed to OWSLA, Skrillex’s label, Dillon has just begun his moombahton takeover.

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