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Porter Robinson Mini Documentary Released Tomorrow

Porter Robinson is simply living the dream. At the tender age of nineteen he’s gripping the world by the balls and taking it by storm. Robinson continues to receive massive hype that refuses to end but there isn’t an ounce of surprise considering the fact guy crashed Beatport on the release of his "Spitfire" EP. He toured along the side of Tiesto on the Club Life College Invasion tour and Billboard named him one of the “Top 21 Under 21.”


Now Robinson will allow fans and people of the EDM culture to witness and experience his run on the Club Life College Invasion tour through his mini documentary set for release November 30—as in tomorrow. On November 21, Robinson released a teaser to the documentary and let’s just say… within 51 seconds of the video, I’m confident kids his age around the globe are envious. In the first 10 seconds of the video, the kid is being chased down the street by screaming fans as if he’s Justin Bieber. He’s doing all this with just an EP under his belt. Skrillex you signed a good one. Check out the teaser.

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