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Pretty Lights vs. Run DMC "It's Tricky" (SSX Remix)



Hot damn...the electro/bass producer from Colorado Pretty Lights gets his remix hands on Run DMC's iconic “It's Tricky,” and we have the video to prove it! It was made for EA Games' upcoming title SSX this February.

Here’s a video of the man debuting the track to a live, sold out performance in Atlanta, Georgia. Here's what Pretty Lights had to say about his take on the original:

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Ive always loved hip-hop, video games, and snowboarding, so it was truly an honor to put my twist on such a classic song for such a dope game. Cant wait to play it!

We’re looking forward to the title too. Pretty dope that the track will be triggered dynamically in-game as you reach “tricky” status by linking tricks together.

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