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Remodeling Psychobuildings: “Terror Management” Remix EP

Psychobuildings is currently undergoing renovations. Fresh on the market is a remix EP featuring reinterpretations of “Terror Management,” “Paradise” and “No Man’s Land." Three tracks from the groups self-titled EP released this summer. If you fancy unique sonic architecture, constructed upon layers of synths, ‘80s inspired grooves, and breathy, baratone-ic vocals then this is it. “Terror Management”’s foundation is torn-up and rebuilt by artists like MNDR, who flips the gloom-dance track “Terror Management” into a minimal house, steadily progressing locomotive, fully deserving of the remix’s sub title “DCC Train Remix,” as well as Sub Swara, who outfits the same track with a dub-y vibe, channeling Moonbahton. Check out Psychobuildings’ official music video for “Terror Management.”


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