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Rhondavous Goes Big In A Virgin Venue


There are shit loads of events going on in Los Angeles, but when it comes to polysexual disco dancing we’ve yet to have more fun than the merrymaking Rhonda provides. If you’ve been to the night you know the drill…it’s a crazy bonkers good time. No two ways about it. If you haven’t been, we’re so sorry for your loss. Either way, newbie or veteran it’s time to mark your calendars. Saturday, November 12 is the next event and it’s sure to be special. A Club Called Rhonda is going Rhondavous, which means a bigger venue, bigger lineup, bigger fun, bigger heels and bigger hair. And it’s all going down in a virgin venue. Apparently those places still do exist in Los Angeles. Smart kids will RSVP ASAP for a $5 entry fee—if you get there before 10 pm. Otherwise it’ll be $10 till midnight and $15 after that. Don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend the money saved on drinks.


All the talent looks great, but Crazy P (with vocalist Danielle Moore) is what we’re really chomping at. So can’t wait for that compressed ball of sexual star power to hit the stage.

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