Robosonic “The Sweetness” (Jackmode)



We just had the first real rain of the season here in Los Angeles. It was a sign that the start of our so-called winter is here, and this Robosonic single seemed to compliment that feeling completely. “The Sweetness” is a pulsing, moody dance track complimented by vocal hiccups, percussive shakers, and sparse, yet impactful piano. It’s perfect for reminiscing on the year, whether it’s while the club is warming up with holiday partygoers or over drinks at some “I just need to make a showing” company event.

J. Philip’s remix takes the track a step further by adding a bass heavy thump, making this clear it’s designed for the dancefloor. Yes it’s still a little dark and moody, and the crowd probably won’t be fist pumping, but you’ll be helping them realize that in 2012 they probably should find better things to with their time than going to corporate raves and watching the Jersey Shore.

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Robosonic "The Sweetness" (J.Phlip Remix) clip

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