The Bloody Beetroots “Church of Noise” Remix Time


Prepare to slap yourself if you haven’t heard The Bloody Beetroots' new single “Church of Noise.” That was harsh but you’re missing out on a solid track. Besides being a magical protest song to use when fighting against something, it’s amazing how screaming and EDM get along beautifully. “Church of Noise” is beginning to receive remixes, which isn’t a surprise. Congorock and Diplo have recently released their versions to the world—polar opposites of each other. Congorock holds the edge of the electronic sound while Diplo’s has a firm grip on the soulful sound. Both remixes are solid but I prefer the original mix. In the end, I’m positive hardcore Bloody Beetroots fans are on cloud nine to have new material from Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo. For people still searching for a place to attend on New Years Eve, the Bloody Beetroots will be performing a DJ set at Together As One. Get Excited.

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