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Trentemøller’s “Tide” Gets The Modeselektor Treatment


Brand spanking of right now, this very second, 302 views on YouTube. Pretty much anything by Trentmoller and/or Modeselektor will perk my ears, but put 'em both together and you have my undivided attention. They're both responsible for a tremendous string of attention-grabbing remixes. This being no different. The melancholy comes across somewhere between a daydream and a happy good time.


Funny that comment number 3 on YouTube says that the "sidechain-compression on this one is just too excessive…" Funny because I particularly like the ghostly, head-trip EFX. It’s like a “Last Super” soundtrack, an electric mirage of sorts.

Hey producers out there, if you’re curious about sidechain compression you should take a look at our "how to" piece on the very subject.

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