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Victor Wilde: The “O.M.G”

—The Social Tape—


Meet Victor Wilde from the Bohemian Society. Wilde founded Bohemian Society in 2003 and is based in Downtown Los Angeles. He makes high art garments for men and women. He also makes accessories, films and gets up to a lot of other stuff. We encourage you to explore his happenings. 

Mental Handshake:
Your story: rich and invisible
Your Town: LA via Brooklyn
Your Profession: intermedia artist and president of The Bohemian Society
Weapon Of Choice: A to the motherfuckin’ K homeboy
Morality: paint it black
Aesthetic: rugged yet refined
I Equal: 9

“O.M.G”(Right Click Save As To Download) 

The “O.M.G” playlist:

Sound bite from the film Idiocracy. I usually use some element of comedy in my work. This is one.

A.R.E. Weapons “Fuck What You Like”
My buddy grew up with the Sevigny’s and one night we went to see Paul’s band. I was familiar with and like some of their work, but they were pretty terrible that night.

Asha Bosle & RD Burman “Piya Tu Ab Tu Aja”
From one of the sickest Bollywood scenes I have ever seen. The film is Caravaan and I first watched this scene in a strangers dilapidated house located somewhere in the ghetto’s of pre Katrina New Orleans.

Holger Czukay “Persian Love”
I can never listen to this song too much.

Can’t Stand Me Now
Am I setting a tone yet?

Recommended Articles

Belle and Sebastian “Electronic Renaissance”
My college roommate introduced me to B&S. My current favorite song by them.

Arthur Brown “Fire”
You would be hard pressed to find a performer who hasn’t borrowed from a page of Brown’s. He makes Lady Gaga look like a queef.

Junip “Rope and Summit”
I heard this in my girlfriend’s car one night and really liked it. The Swedes do it right.

Black Moth Super Rainbow “When The Sun Goes Down On Your Tongue”
I like a lot of things about these weirdoes from Pennsylvania. Get on the magic bus dude.

Can “Spoon”
Classic Krautrock. Damo and I became Internet pals and he wanted me to print some shirts for him, but I am not a silkscreen business.

Rammellzee Feat. K-Rob “Beat Bop”
Iconic origin of hip-hop record from a later reclusive mad man hailing from my side of NYC. Basquiat “produced” this record for Rammellzee who recently died.

Silver Apples “The Owl”
Arguably the first electronic band. They really appeal to me.

Charles Manson “Look At Your Game Girl”
A seemingly heartfelt go made by one of America’s favorite convicted psychopaths.

The Clash “Straight to Hell”
It is easy to see why this lil diddy is ripe for sample raping.

Sound bite from the film Idiocracy. Ha ha.


The idea for the Social Tape is simple: life revolves around music, we like living. Typically reserved for non-working DJs, each edition of the Social Tape is curated by a hand-selected group of creative-minded individuals (from fashion designers and photographers to chefs and event producers) whom all have at least one thing in common—a passion for music. From the unknown to well-known, hi-life to lo-life these “Playlists” aren’t meant to be a cool test in any shape or form. It’s about community. Communication. It’s simply a way for you to connect with an artist outside of their creative realm.

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