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Alexander Robotnick Digs Deep Into The Darkest Corners Of His Studio

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How many musicians currently working can say they’ve been active for 30 years? Not many that’s who. Alexander Robotnick Digs Deep Into The Darkest Corners Of His Studio can, tho. The amount of music guy has produced over the years is truly inspiring. “Musicaholic” is fitting. And given the “aholic” tag, ponder for a moment the amount of recorded music (tapes, floppy disks, dats, CD-roms, hard-disks, etc) that Robotnick must have in his personal archives. Treasures lost in the darkest corners of his studio…all the forgotten gems worth rescuing and publishing.

Well, Robotnick turned the big 60 in 2010 and must have got a hair up his ass because he decided to put some order into his archives. He got rid of most of the music but saved the projects that hadn’t yet been released, but whose content contained some interesting ideas that he deemed worthy of developing and completing. Enter "Robotnick’s Archives" for our enjoyment in 2011.

Starting this week and every month for 1 year thereafter Hot Elephant Music (that’s his record label) will release a digital EP containing 2 to 5 tracks, under the title “Robotnick’s Archives.” No.1 features 2 tracks: “Morning Them” and “Undicidisco.” Preview below or via Juno. No.2 features 3 tracks: "Waiting For You," (vocals by Mr. Robotnick himself) "Broken Guitar" and "Can you Hear Me?" (vocals by Donatella Baggio). We have a preview of Vol. 2 below, but it's not available for purchase  (via Juno) until Jan 16, 2012.

As he himself says:

Same instruments, same spirit, different time!

Robotnick "Archives Vol1"

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Robotnick "Archives Vol2"

BTW, the re-issue of "E=MC2" by Giorgio Moroder is on sale this week (MB Disco). Peep the video of the track remixed by Alexander Robotnick:

Alexander Robotnick October 2011 DJ-Mix (download for free)

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