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Gramatik & Break Science Are Fantastik Together


Gramatik throws it back for his latest track “Boogie Down,” a collaboration with Brooklyn duo Break Science which has him touching upon his hip-hop roots while mixing it up with Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Let’s Groove.The track is filled with nothing but ingenuity and originality from start to finish. It’s almost nowhere near dubstep territory, all the hip-hop influences shine through with ease and mix perfectly with the old-school EWF and new-school electro-gangsta beats from Gramatik and Break Science. Gramatik classifies the new track as “glitch-hop,” which I’ll certainly agree with because he stated that’s what it is, and I concur.

If you like what you’ve heard so far, you’ll have plenty of chances to catch Gramatik winding down his 2011 tour. Gramatik will be on the West Coast for a majority of December. After a brief stint in Texas, Gramatik will play two shows in Georgia. On December 29 in Athens, GA he will be joined by the duo Break Science and on December 30 in Atlanta, GA he will occupy the bill with Sound Tribe Sector 9, those are going to be two excellent nights in Georgia. Finally, on New Years Eve Gramatik will be playing the official Bassnectar after party in Nashville, TN.

We’re all looking forward to the future of Pretty Lights Music if this is what they’re going to be pumping out.

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Gramatik x Break Science "Boogie Down"

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