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Inner City “The Future” (Defected)

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Detroit’s importance in the techno world is undeniable. It is not only where techno was born, it’s also the home of DJ/production legends like Moodyman, Theo Parrish, Richie Hawtin and Carl Craig. At the forefront of the city’s talent roster is Kevin Saunderson, an original pioneer of the Detroit techno sound, which he helped create as a member of the Belleville Three. In a later project, he came together with Ann Saunderson and Chicago based Paris Grey to form the band Inner City, whose classic tracks “Big Fun” and “Good Life” put electronic music on the mainstream map. They parted ways in 2001, and it was assumed that would be the last we’d hear from them as a unit.

Now 10 years later, Inner City is back together and a brand new record, “Future” is ready to go (via Defected). It’s good, as in really good. The sound is modern, yet still undeniably classic Detroit: dark synths and drums are juxtaposed with R&B and gospel vocals. The A side’s Deep Sea Sound System Mix is 10-minutes of epicness with a dark, slow build that explodes into a organized mess of pianos, vocals and positivity. On the flip, Inner City brings in fellow legend Kenny Larkin for the aptly named Tension Mix. It might be a tough listen for some, with an abrasive bassline, overly chopped vocals and undertones of awkwardness and uncertainty. But this is Detroit, and life isn’t always going to have rays of sunshine. Sometimes there’s gotta be a fight.

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