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Insults To The Industry

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After online Christmas shopping I came across something on It was associated with the music section and more specifically it was featured with the “Now” music CDs, you remember these right?  The compiling of all of the years hits all on one CD which started with artists like N*Sync and Britney Spears.


Anyways, the product I found immediately made me mad. That’s What I Call Dubstep. To give it a fair chance and redeem itself in my personal opinion, I clicked on it to see what artists were featured.

There was none. Just a song title and then “Dubstep Remix.” Most of the snippets that I was able to sample didn’t even have the original vocals or chords in the song, LET ALONE IT WASN’T EVEN DUBSTEP!

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This dupstep craze has been like the dot com bust, where everyone bought dot com addresses just to make a buck and eventually leading to a lot of addresses with no purpose. Well here we have everyone trying to make dubstep tracks and it is taking away from the genre as well as losing respect.

First we heard that Just Bieber wanted to make a dubstep album, which will most likely piss off about every Nero and Flux Pavilion fan and now we have a cheesy collection of rip-off dubstep tracks to the hottest tracks that are found on R&B radio. Seriously these tracks that are featured on this album are tracks that dubstep artists would even touch.

Don’t worry too much and don’t let it bother you that they have DJ Fresh’s “Louder” dupstep remix on there and it wasn’t remixed by Doctor P and Flux because of the 42 consumer reviews equaling 1 ½ stars with 37 one star rankings, 1 two star ranking and 4 five star ratings, who were probably the people who made this album. Oh yeah and only one person “liked” it.

How do you feel about this? And the popular attention that dupstep is drawing?

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