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Jamie Kennedy And Stu Stone Are Back—A Tongue-In-Cheek Holiday Reunion



Photo (stills) by Ilya Farfel

Hide the wife and kids, because they’re back. Just in time for the Holidays, the much-anticipated reunion of one of the silliest duets in music is on. And we went behind the scenes for an exclusive interview with Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone on the set of their latest music video “Kid on X-mas.”

We were ahead of our time the last time. Some people weren’t sure if we were being serious, cause we’d pump these phat beats but we were also being funny. 

It’s their first collaboration since 2006, when they teamed up on the mockumentary television series and album of the same name, Blowin’ Up. That album spawned the viral hit track, “Rollin’ With Bob Saget,” and now Jamie and Stu hope to re-ignite their musical act with five new tracks to be released on I-tunes this month, beginning with “Kid on X-Mas.” While the hilarious antics, and tongue-in-cheeky lyrics went over a few people’s heads back in the day, this time around odds are in favor of more people getting it.


“We were ahead of our time the last time. Some people weren’t sure if we were being serious, cause we’d pump these phat beats but we were also being funny,” Jamie recalls.

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The re-united duo are back together on the heels of Stu’s recent release of The Return of the Stone Movement (available on I-Tunes) and a recently published piece on his musical comeback here on Magnetic, not that we’re trying to take any credit for Jamie all of a sudden getting back into his rap game.

“I got the itch to get back into music over the summer. And Stu’s been at it. The time feels right…Yeah, it was a good article,” Jamie explains in between shots.

When I got to the location of the video shoot, at a warehouse in South Central, I knew it was gonna be a whacky night. Jamie was sawing a Christmas tree in full on Grinch mode, green make-up and all. Meanwhile Stu was in a Santa outfit in between a couple of Santa’s helpers making out with each other on his lap. Yes, this is holiday cheer indeed.

“The whole thing is like more of a feeling. Like I’m so happy I feel like a kid on Christmas. I’m at this party. Shit is so dope. I’m so fucked up I feel like a kid on Christmas,” Stu, a not-exactly-devout Jew, says.


According to Stu, the track was to be an ode to those old Christmas themed hip-hop singles in the spirit of Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis,” but turned into more of a dance track when producer Optimus Rock was brought on board. Both of them agree, it’s a natural progression for their sound.

“It’s been a few years and our tastes have continued to evolve. I’ve always loved this type of music. And Stu started getting more into, I don’t know what you want to call it, dubstep, electronica, house, you know what I mean? So that’s how it started. Stu said ‘I’m gonna write this song I want you to rap on it’.”

For more from Jamie and Stu, here's an exclusive interview and behind the scenes footage. The segment was produced and hosted by Humberto Guida. Camera by Arturo Perez-Mathison.

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