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Las Vegas: Chuckie At Cosmopolitan’s Club Marquee

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Photos by Brenton Ho for Marquee Las Vegas Nightclub & Dayclub

Black Friday turned into Blackout Friday in Las Vegas this past weekend. The streets, the casinos and the clubs were packed with eager partiers. Many clubs had brought in talent for the night but nothing compared to the Cosmopolitan’s club Marquee where the dirty Dutch producer and DJ Chuckie was scheduled to perform.

Marquee had a sell out night and a line that ran to the door. Some of the locals were claiming it be one of the biggest crowds that they have seen. Whatever the case may be, the crowd in attendance was ready to party… and Chuckie knew it.

A progressive build-up throughout the night from the opening DJs only built the anticipation for the headliner. Then right before 1 am Chuckie had arrived. Marquee has one of the most creative clubs in Las Vegas. With a LED wall behind the DJ booth and several erotic dancers dance on a bridge that runs over the Dj table. The crowd was also pleased with confetti blasters and air cannons going off at perfect drops and build-ups.

Chuckie, who is no stranger to Marquee, had prepared to play into the early hours of the morning. With hours of music and lights Chuckie pleased the crowd by playing songs from Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia and Avicii, just to name some. He made Marquee the hottest nightclub for Black Friday.

Chuckie played the majority of his popular remixes and his original song “What Happens In Vegas,” which was very appropriate for the Las Vegas night. But the real treat of the night was when Chuckie played his new hit single “Who Is Ready To Jump” live with Gregor Salto, the other producer on the track. With the build up and the microphone hype by Chuckie, once that beat dropped Marquee erupted as everyone was bouncing around.

Before you knew it, it was 4 am. Chuckie was leaving to board a plane for Miami, stragglers were being told to leave, and after partiers had headed elsewhere. The crowded demanded a Las Vegas club experience and memory and Chuckie delivered nothing short of that.

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BTW, Chuckie recently released a new mix CD "Dirty Dutch Blackout" (Deluxe Edition), which you can pick up here.

Chuckie "Who Is Ready To Jump"


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