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Los Angeles: Âme Live At Plastic Love

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Magnetic friends Bas and Jimmy Maheras (Plastic Love resident DJs and founders of the night) are bringing in Âme at the end of the week. If you already made plans, we suggest changing them—it’s not every day these guys make it to Los Angeles. Event details here. The duo is touring in support of their upcoming release: Innervisions Presents: Ame Live. It’s due to drop March of 2012 on Innervisions Records. So far this year they’ve had big shows at Trouw and the Awakenings Festival in Amsterdam, Tunnel in Italy, Dekmantel in Netherlands and various gigs all over Europe. And now Plastic Love pegged Âme for their Los Angeles leg and we couldn't be happier. Jimmy Maheras and Bas will be warming things up with an extended opening set with Âme closing the night out live. The two are also warming it up with a little pre show interview. Bas and Jimmy Maheras caught up with Âme for a quick chat and was kind enough to let Magnetic run it.


Exclusive mix: "Magnetic Love" Mixed By Plastic Love (download for free here)

…if you produce something physically you should really pay attention on the whole package: artwork, packaging and of course the music, so that a collector gets something for his money.

PlasticLove: What is your production process like together?
Âme: It's quite simple: I’m doing basically all the music and Kristian is like a producer in its truest sense—sitting next to me and listen with patience to get the best out of a track. And: it's always a lot of discussing, of course, because we both have to be really happy with the track and there has to be something of each of us in it!

What can we expect from the live show? How much improvisation is involved?
The live show is of course based on Âme productions. I'll perform them live by doing new versions or re-arranging them. It's going to be different versions as on the 12-inches. And I also play new tracks that are maybe still in process.

Will the CD be a combination of old and unreleased material or just live reworks of already released material? Mixed or unmixed?
Like mentioned above: it's new versions of released and unreleased Âme tracks and remixes. And yes, it's of course mixed as it was recorded live...

What's your favorite piece of studio equipment?
In general I’d say that there's a particular piece for its particular time. And, to make music you should never rely only on equipment. It's not about that! It's about the ideas. Remember: when the early techno producers started they used what were the cheapest machines on the market at that time! And so it is with me: I prefer cheap and unexpected sounding equipment like for instance an old Farfisa organ I got from eBay for 80€. You can do a lot with it! Right now I'm pretty happy with my ARP Odyssey, but I have a few more in storage. It’s not about what instrument you really use; it's about how you use it.

What are your thoughts on the mix CD format? Dixon seems to be over it, do you feel the same way?
I kind of agree with Dixon here. But it's more that I think that the CD in general will be sooner or later having the same status as vinyl has today. Meaning: all physical sound carrier will be something for collectors and not for the masses. That also means that if you produce something physically you should really pay attention on the whole package: artwork, packaging and of course the music, so that a collector gets something for his money.

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Early this year you guys announced that Innervisions Records would be moving to self-distribution. That is to say, record stores (online and physical) as well as customers would be buying your records directly from you, have you noticed any marked improvements?
Yes absolutely, we're still able to do all the nice artwork and everything we want without having to hire a third party. We recommend it for everyone!

It’s obvious that Innervisions as a whole is very artistic, from movies to music to art everything seems to click together. Was it difficult finding an artist for your album cover art that really understood your design aesthetic?
No not at all, we know the artist and he's a good friend of ours. He’s going to be huge because of the Innervisions covers, haha.

If you could remix any song in any genre what would it be?
I’m not too interested in remixing house tracks, especially if they're instrumental. There's just not enough to do, that's the same reason we don't have remixes of our songs. What I really like to do is remix different styles, from jazz to pop to whatever. We love to put new sounds together and see what we can come up with.

3 favorite clubs in the world, go!
Panorama Bar (Berlin), Robert-Johnson (Frankfurt) and Trouw (Amsterdam). There are other clubs around the world that we love, but those three make us feel at home and really let us be creative musically.

Who would win in an arm wrestling contest between Dixon and Marcus Worgull? Marcus is a pretty big guy, our money’s on him.
Hmm...hard to say, Dixon can be very sporty.

And finally, are you a meat eater? There's a burger place in LA we need to take you to.
Yes, absolutely. I eat meat, but it has to be good meat. I can’t wait to try this burger!

BTW, have you heard the Âme remix of “Envision” by Osunlade? So good…

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