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Los Angeles: Control at Avalon With Le Castle Vania, DallasK, Tommy Noble and Spencer & Hill

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The legendary venue for electronic acts in Los Angeles, Avalon, and their infamous “Control Fridays” which highlights electronic artists almost every Friday, one up themselves on Friday December 16.

A sell out crowd came out to see the night filled with emerging artists. I attended the night for a friend’s 21st birthday and really didn’t expect such a great show. The energy was already high when I arrived at 10 pm and the line was running halfway down the street.

By the time I got everyone for the party into the club it was about 10:15 and the duo Tommy Noble were on stage. With a lot of dancing room, the crowd was mostly doing just that as the two kids that look like a combination of street fighter characters and southern hicks with their outfits jumped around the stage raising energy levels.

The duo was well rounded, mixing other artists and genres as well as playing some of their own songs. “Zombie Cancer” one of their original songs delivers that rompy, dub sounding track with a slow build up and a huge drop, a very fun track. Tommy Noble has several other original tracks that were played that night and if you get a chance get them out live or download them from their Facebook or buy on iTunes.

Following Tommy Noble was one of the newest names in electro. His name is DallasK. The 20 year old out of Florida has been playing since he was 15 years old and don’t let the baby face fool you, this kid knows what he is doing. With Steve Aoki and Nero being some of his biggest influences, Dallas (his real first name) tries to imitate that stage energy and performance and to say he doesn’t is selling himself short.

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DallasK has released several tracks and are available for purchase and download on Beatport. The big bangers of the night were his remixes of “Front/Back” and “Crush” along with the ability of him mixing other artists. Don’t discredit Dallas as only being a remix artist for he has some original tracks that are worth checking out including “Jupiter.” A lot of the times you can catch Dallas opening for big artists at festivals and clubs.

Le Castle Vania was up next. Also known as Dylan Eiland, the under 21 DJ has been touring for several years now and he has also been producing and remixing during that time. The skinny, blonde comes with a lot of energy and crowd interaction.

The speakers were turned up, the number of lasers increased, and the introduction of the CO2 cannons came with his set. As well as several brand new songs that he claimed over the mic. Much in attendance at this point were waiting to see Le Castle Vania and majority of them has seen him before because with each of his shows he has a “tradition” to go crazy on several of specific songs and their drops. If you were new to Dylan’s set, don’t worry he will tell you when to go crazy.

Finally at the end of the night came the closing set of Spencer and Hill. The two DJs also perform with a lot of energy and crowd interaction. Right of the bat, some big bangers by artists like Skrillex were being dropped and the night seemed never ending.

The two Germans also played some of their biggest fits such as “Believe It” featuring Nadia Ali and “One Touch Away.” No matter what songs they were playing the crowd continued to party along the DJs and it seemed like no one was leaving.

If you are unfamiliar to Avalon and their ways, it is very different from a club and they do not have a closing time at 2 am, for they can stay open later. Spencer and Hill made them stay open late with their performance.

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