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Marina And The Diamonds Is Like A Drug—Easy To Get Addicted To


She’s a diamond in the rough. Her voice is indescribable. You can’t compare her to any female artist existing today. She’s not the cookie cutter artist who follows the standards major record labels inflict on artists. She’s Marina Lambrini Diamandis but her stage name is Marina and the Diamonds. Marina isn’t a newcomer to the music scene but her talent, her music, is like a drug—easy to get addicted to. She’s an artist I firmly believe is an underrated starlet.

Marina is a singer-songwriter from Welsh who continues to lie under the radar despite the fact she’s full of dynamic talent. In 2010, she reached number two on the BBC Sound of 2010 poll list, closely behind Ellie Goulding. She released an EP “The Crown Jewels” via Neon Gold Records in 2009. Soon after she released her first full-length album Family Jewels via 676 Recordings, followed by another EP “The American Jewels” in 2010. Family Jewels featured singles like “Hollywood,” “Oh No!” and “Shampain.” The leading single “Hollywood,” received a stellar remix by French Solar. Now she’s embarking on the release of her second studio album Electra Heart, which “embodies the lies, the illusions and death of an American Dream.” So far her current singles “Radioactive,” and “Fear and Loathing,” demonstrate a clear presence of growth within her music. Not only is “Radioactive” a single that will stay stuck in your head that’ll have you singing to yourself while driving, grocery shopping, or doing homework. It’s refreshing. Prepare to open the mind, intake the sounds and voice of Marina and the Diamonds.

"Radioactive" Official Music Video

"Fear and Loathing"

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"Hollywood" (French Solar Remix)

"Oh No!"

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