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New Years Eve At The Hoxton Pony: Welcome To The Circus, Literally


Now this sounds like a party. London bar The Hoxton Pony is presenting Flying Circus New Years Eve and it reads like a night even circus clowns (or members of the metaphorical variety) won’t be able to forget. It’s a festive line-up all around. DJ sets from Kiss FM’s The Loose Cannons, the awesome drag slash queen of the decks Popcox and Hoxton Pony resident Roy Rovelli. Best part about it is that they’re going all dog-and-pony meets Big Top with the theme, enhancing the vibe of the place with acrobats, contortionists, hoopers and jugglers. I guess tightropes could go south real quick. Being New Years Eve they’re encouraging partygoers to dress accordingly. Time to get your freak show on and let your imagination run wild…I’m already picturing endless ringmasters, mischievous dwarves and midgets running havoc amongst clowns and they other extremists that’ll be present. And perhaps a stilt walker and/or a plate spinner or two. What a better way to celebrate the New Year—especially since rumor has it that the world is going to end for the millionth time. Hey promoters, why do we need to wait until New Years to get parties like this? I’d be down to get down with clowns once or twice a month. If I were in London I’d definitely hop on my unicycle for this one.

Tickets are available via Clubtickets, doors open at 9:00 pm and close at 5:00 am. Enjoy!

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The Loose Cannons Hoxton Pony New Year's Eve Flying Circus Mix. You can download it for free via SoundCloud.

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