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Oliver “Dirty Talk” (Kitsune)

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Oliver is a duo consisting of Canadian disco-smith U-Turn and the So-Cal based, Ima Robot member Oligee. This forth coming Kitsuné EP is the culmination of producing remixes for artists varying from Aeroplane to Britney Spears. Obviously the dudes have some chops on the boards, and with Kitsuné backing it I thought this would be fire right out the gate.

I might have set the expectations a little high. The title track “Dirty Talk” seems to be an attempt to relieve the 2004 electro sound with a nu-disco x nu-rave touch.It starts off solid, but between the forced sexy female samples, the robotized voice, and the switch from disco to electro to rave in one song, it lacked an overall cohesiveness. The Punks Jump Up remix runs into a similar problem, this time a conflict between Moroder-like disco and big room rave. Neither came out terrible, but they didn’t seem to hit their mark.

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Black Van saves the day with their Dirty Talk remix, a nu-rave track that adds some piano and trance synths to compliment the vocal samples turning it into a solid peak hour dance track.The B-side, “Walk With Me” is an italo-esque, soundtrack jam with crushing drums, solid synth work and nice bassline. IIs one of those disco tracks that touches on being cosmic with out getting too spacey… journey disco maybe?

All in all, Oliver put together a sturdy EP that could work a variety of dancefloors. Kitsuné is taking a risk, but it’s calculated: If the title track might not hit, slap on a clashing b-side with a edgy remix and you might just have yourselves a winner.

Out on Kitsuné Records: January 16, 2012

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