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Orange County: Zedd at Yost Theater

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His name is Anton Zaslavski but we most commonly know him as Zedd. The 22-year-old German producer has emerged with growth in the electronic dance music scene. Most famously known for the his original tracks and his unique sound, it’s really hard to place Zedd in a dance genre but it doesn’t matter where you put the Dim Mak artist because he still delivers.

The fast growing Yost Theater has become Orange County’s leader in bringing in electronic DJs. On November 30th Dim Mak and Yost teamed up for an electrifying night with Zedd. With it being on a Wednesday, no one knew what kind of turn out there would be. But, I kind of had a feeling that the night would turn out to be memorable.

And I was right…

Near capacity, hundreds of fans attended the show and packed the dancefloor. Even the light show glovers came out for Zedd. The Yost Theater has been making adjustments and improvements for their stage production and introducing new light show effects and projection screens hanging from the ceiling on both sides seemed appropriate with Zedd’s performance.

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Around 12:30 the young German took the stage and as soon as the crowd could grab a glimpse of him they went nuts. Chanting of Zedd’s name brought an end to the DJ set before him and brought a smile to his face. Filled with energy, Zedd was dropping hit singles right off the bat.

Zedd’s stage presence alone was a good show and it definitely pumped up the crowd in which he controlled. Several songs had the crowd signing along like his remix of Swedish House Mafia’s “Save the World” and Justice’s “We Are Your Friends.” Zedd also treated those in attendance to tunes of “I Like to Move It” remix as well as his own songs “The Legend of Zelda” and “Shave It”

The highlight of the night outside of Zedd’s technical mixing skills was the new songs in his set. “Stars Come Out,” which was released at the end of November on Beatport, was played and it drove the Yost Theater insane. Also in the set was a new song that he claimed to be his newest song, which will be a treat once he releases it. The song included vocals and hard-hitting bass on top of a good drop.

Make sure to catch the rising star as he prepares for 2012 and check out Yost Theater if you are in the Orange County area where you will hear some of the best electronic music in an intimate setting.

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