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Steve Aoki Featuring Wynter Gordon “Ladi Dadi" (Part II)

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We challenge you to find us a producer whom has done more to bolster LA’s underground music scene than label owner slash DJ slash producer Steve Aoki. The guy has made a serious impact on the EDM world—there’s no denying. And we’re predicting bigger waves once his debut studio album Wonderland drops on January 17, 2012 via New York-based Ultra Music in conjunction with Aoki’s own label Dim Mak Records.

The album is basically a collection of singles (will include past hits such as “Turbulence,”"No Beef," and Aoki’s well-known remix of “Pursuit of Happiness” featuring Kid Cudi) and we’ve got the latest one featuring pop singer/songwriter Wynter Gordon for you right here. “Ladi Dadi” is a pop skewing radio-friendly dubstep meets electro number that could very well be the next big tune by Aoki we hear dominating the airwaves.

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BTW, next year is the North American Deadmeat Tour featuring Aoki and Datsik and a bunch of other up and coming acts. We'll be holding a contest in the next couple of days giving away a pair of tickets to each stop on the tour.

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