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Terranova "So Strong" (Kompakt)


2011 appears to be the year for deep house and techno going pop with catchy vocals and verse-chorus-verse song structures everywhere from the Hot Creations hit parade to Kompakt's latest gem, Terranova’s “So Strong.” At present, the group (which has had multiple incarnations since its 1996 debut) is comprised of founding member Fetisch alongside Keinemusik's and &Me. The title track features Khan of Berlin on eerie vocals alternating between howling hooks and seductive, breathy verses to create a subtle, dark peak-hour groove. On the flip, “Boogie For the Dollar” moves from rolling, stomping techno with a tribal feel to a lush, undulating track with a loopy vocal hook. At once bold and melancholy, this is a 4 am floor burner surely.

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