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The Subtle Side To Skrillex

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Remember the divine track “All I Ask Of You” by Skrillex featuring Penny? The track wasn’t overwhelming with hard-hitting mechanical techniques that Skrillex usually showcases; it was actually the complete opposite. The vocals were subtle, mellow and relaxing. The track really showcased Skrillex’s developing talent.

Well Skrillex has delivered a new track “Breathe” which brings fans nostalgic memories of Skrillex’s subtle side. It’s a smooth transition from his predictable work. The original mix contains the right elements to display to fans, and music critics alike, that he isn’t just a young man able to make humans believe they’re listening to transformers having sex. Skrillex has already released a vocal edit featuring Chicago based vocalist Krewella, a vocal edit that spices the original mix to the next level but I prefer the original mix. The vocal edit contains snippets of the expected, signature sound of Skrillex where the original version showcases new abilities. Both versions are crisp but I think the vocals on the original mix coincide with the tempo of “Breathe.” Being that I’ve been a fan of Sonny Moore since high school, before the birth of Skrillex, I’m thrilled to hear what he’ll develop next.

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