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Tiësto Flips The Mission: Impossible Theme Into A Club Banger

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I’m pretty confident that every individual has attempted to sing the Mission Impossible theme song by either whistling or making some sort of odd noise or even walking dramatically in step with the rhythm of the song. You know you’ve done it. Maybe it’s just me. The song has definitely been covered a bunch.

Now, Dutch native Tiësto has completely transformed the legendary theme into an electronic banger. December 14, Tiësto released an official video via Youtube to expose the world to his rendition. The track definitely possesses Tiësto’s signature style to the point listeners knows it’s a Tiësto track but I applaud his ability to keep the theme song with its original spark just with extra flare to have people moving in their seats. Especially with the bonus build-ups and drops. The video contains killer visuals and clips from Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol set for release December 21 and the track is even featured in the film. Bravo, Tiësto, Bravo.

And for fun, here’s some more Mission Impossible inspired treats in a few different flavors.

Lizzy Mercier Descloux “Mission Impossible 2.0”

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