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Yooj "Mademoiselle" (Monique Music)

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Monique Music, a house/tech house label that’s been making some serious noise in 2011, is primed to continue its momentum into 2012 with a two-track release from Yooj, aka Eugene Albert, a San Francisco transplant now residing in Berlin. After a series of well-received releases over the summer, Yooj has “Mademoiselle” next on deck, marking a clear shift from his electro roots to more refined house sound.

The original version is deep and dark, with a rigid French female vocal guiding the track right up to the break and then straight through it to the end. It’s filled in with hints of electro bass and atmospheric subtleties, allowing it to become a solid “set builder” that holds steady. For the remix, Desolat front man Martin Buttrich makes his debut on the Monique Music Label, adding intensity to the song with sharper drums and abrupt builds, while still preserving the feel of the original version. Even though there are similarities, each version holds its own and serves a different purpose.

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As a single “Mademoiselle” seems to set a solid benchmark for the label and it’s potential for the New Year. It looks like both Yooj and Martin Buttrich are going to leave their mark as well.

Simultaneous vinyl and digital release January 2012

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