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Your Last New Year’s Eve Ever: The Marquee Club Presents NYE 2012 with Kaskade

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Thought you had your New Years Eve plans figured out?  You might want to reconsider them.  Unless of course were planning on being in Las Vegas.  Then you might be excused.  But this is for those of you who are looking forward to going to that same friend’s residence you celebrate at every year, with those same friends, that bottle of cheap champagne you are getting slightly tired of, and that same ball dropping program you always, without fail, watch.  How about this year you mix it up?  Why watch those freezing New York celebrities count down the last seconds of 2011, when you could be in the hottest club in the country, with Kaskade, as he drops the beat that blasts you off into 2012?

Don’t worry.  You still have time to change your mind.  The Cosmopolitan’s Marquee Club, where this event is going down, won’t judge you if you wait until the last minute to bail on your previously-made plans.  They are even offering a 10%-off discount on your last meal of 2011 at the TAO restaurant in the Venetian or the LAVO restaurant in The Palazzo, with the purchase of your ticket.  And if you haven’t graced the Marquee Club with your presence yet, then there is no better opportunity than New Year’s Eve.  To put it simply, the venue is a luxurious synthesis of Bruce Wayne’s Manor, replete with a Batcave—a massive dancefloor underneath the outdoor pool/patio area and conjoined indoor dancefloor, Superman’s Fortress of Solitude—opulent architecture seemingly forged from alien materials of future, and Mount Olympus—filled with people so beautiful, they must be divinity.

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Many believe that the Mayan Calendar predicts the end of our current cycle on December 21, 2012.  Maybe this just means everyone will collectively or subconsciously decide peace is better than war.  Maybe the Sun will flare-up and disable all electrically run systems.  Maybe a certain enlightened, martyred demigod will return.  Whatever the consequences, if any, may be, wouldn’t you want to play it on the safe side?  It could be your last New Year’s Eve should celebrate it as such.

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