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A New Dubstep Mix From Jay-Z?


In case you didn’t know Jay-Z has a pretty sick website called Life+Times. His website is dedicated to cool shit from across different spectrums, from cars and real estate to audiophile equipment and independent music. It appears that Jay has reached out to DJ/producer Troublemaker, known for his remixes, mixtapes and eclectic style, to produce a pantystep mixtape for the L+T site. If you think pantystep is a move one does while exiting the bedroom after a one-night stand, you’d be wrong. Pantystep is a style of dubstep that is best suited for the day after an all-nighter, filled with beats that are easy on the ears and harmonious vocals that are sure to steady an anxiety-ridden hangover.

The latest tape from Troublemaker, Pantystep: Pleasure Her Pain, is riddled with great tracks from start to finish, featuring works from The Weeknd, James Blake, Skrillex, Com Truise and Joker. The tape is available for free download on soundcloud and just because Jay-Z may be remotely involved in this, don’t let that skew your opinion. He did just have a kid by the way. Congrats HOV.

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Pantystep: Pleasure Her Pain

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