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A Quick Chat With Dance Of Atoms


Dance of Atoms is carrying the electronica torch in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. I was able to catch up with DOA members Casey, Daniel & Cassidy recently and to ask them a little about themselves and about their music.

I like to circuit bend old toy keyboards and electronic things to make cool sounds. They work pretty good live until they blow up or something. - Daniel

For those new to Dance of Atoms, how did you come up with your name?
Casey and Cassidy often email me music with no lyrics, so they make up weird names to classify the tracks until we write words. One day, Cassidy sent over a song he had entitled, Dance of Atom. It just so happened that I had been reading a book earlier that day in which the author penned a phrase about our existence being a “beautiful dance of atoms and electrons.” We took it as a neat coincidence, or a sign, if you will.

How would you define the role each of you plays in the writing of the music?
Casey:Daniel is responsible for most of the lyrics and melody lines. Cassidy and I might throw in an “and” or “the” every now and then, but we do most of the heavy lifting on the musical production and arrangement of tunes. By most of the heavy lifting I mean Daniel does absolutely nothing. He sits around and watches Dragonball Z until we show him the finished product and then he claims all the glory.

You obviously are a group that enjoys yourself on stage. What is the best thing about performing your material live?
DOA:Dancing...a lot.

Musically speaking, which artists inspire the various DOA members?
Devo, Outkast, Postal Service, MGMT, Marvin Gaye
Cassidy: deadMau5, Excision, Sigur Rios, Depeche Mode
Daniel: Daft Punk, Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, Flock of Seagulls

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For the technically curious, what gear do you use?
Daniel:Live we use a couple of Alesis Micron synths and Oxygen midi controllers. I also like to circuit bend old toy keyboards and electronic things to make cool sounds. They work pretty good live until they blow up or something. A lot of times we'll play live bass, drums and guitars along with our electronic tracks. I'm a big fan of Line 6 products and sport a Vetta Amp that allows for a lot of sound modeling.
Cassidy: We do a lot of track building in Fruity Loops and Ableton Live. Hoping to branch out to Logic and Reason as soon as we're smart enough for them.

What venue or venues in the DFW area do you enjoy to play at the most, why?
Daniel: This project is relatively new and we've been initially focused on writing and recording, but we've had a lot of fun playing The Aardvark in Fort Worth a few times, and several places in Denton are always neat. We'll be playing at Six Flags Over Texas the Friday of Spring Break. If the roller coasters there don't kill people I'm pretty sure our brutal riffs will finish them off.

Any music you love that you would consider a guilty pleasure? One at a time...Casey?
Marvin Gaye & Frou Frou (But don't tell anyone.)

You have my permission to feel sorry for anyone that doesn't like Marvin Gaye. Cassidy?
I'm in love with the BeeGees. Not sure if that's a guilty pleasure, but it's not something I tell my friends.

Ha! I was in my car late last year and “How Deep is Your Love?” came on and it was the first time I actually consciously listened to it and subsequently I think it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. And... now that the little street cred I had amongst used record store personnel is completely gone...Daniel? Guilty pleasure artist?
: I catch myself singing a lot of Aqua songs and I literally wore out my copy of their album Aquarium when I was younger. I'm much too cool for that now though of course.

What direction do you see electronica headed in?
Cassidy:Personally, I hope that the more downtempo electronic styles infiltrate the monotony of pop music. We really want to see a revival of some of the ‘80s styles of electronica. We hope this new movement is spearheaded by the release of our debut album Atom and Eve which is scheduled to drop this March. Booyah...plug complete.

Thanks gentlemen for your time and for the music.
DOA:Thank you for your interest. We're glad people are enjoying it.

Dance of Atoms' website.

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