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Adam Port “Someone to Love” (Keinemusik)


Adam Port is starting subtle and strong this year. After a powerful 2011 with his Berlin-based Keinemusik crew (including rising stars &ME and Rampa, among others) getting positive attention on the Resident Advisor charts, this month the label is set to unleash its 13th release entitled “Someone to Love.”

A steady groover, the soulful vocal and hypnotic percussion make this incredibly DJ friendly. It must be said that the finer points of the sub bass are not given justice in headphones; this must be heard through a proper club system for full effect. It could be said that “nothing happens” over the duration of the six-minute track—“Someone to Love” finds its niche and rests there comfortably.

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However, the unwavering nature of the song makes it both versatile as a DJ tool, and also “vibey,” bringing to mind anticipatory dreams of sunsets bouncing off of Miami beaches come March. Though perhaps not the brightest jewel in Keinemusik's crown, this is undoubtedly a solid track and hopefully a taste of what is to come from Mr. Port and company.

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