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Album Review: Big Gigantic "Nocturnal"—Plus Free Download


Today is a good day for those of you who have been waiting for the release of Big Gigantic’s Nocturnal. For those of you who have no idea who Big Gigantic are this album has a very high probability of reeling you in to their ingenious sounds.

Nocturnal commences with a powerful track; “The Uprising” foreshadows what is to come within the rest of the album. It’s one hell of a jumpstart that has the synths and beats flowing right from the start, it’s a very appropriately titled track. I’d like to say that it might be too “in your face” for an opener, but if you’re listening to Big Gigantic you know that’s what they’re all about. “Rise and Shine” and “Nocturnal” begin the ascent to the albums climax—they were previously released as singles and flow much better surrounded by other festival-bound bangers. The meat of the album is appropriately in the middle with “Hopscotch,” “Beginning of the End” and “It’s Going Down” producing some interstellar beats and uplifting samples that would put even a pessimist in a giddy mood. The final three tracks of the album are laden with twists and turns from wild synths and gung-ho saxophone.

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Big Gigantic does a great job on Nocturnal connecting with the listener. It’s not a very demanding album nor is it too hard to listen to on a Monday afternoon. The sax is a great compliment to the powerful bass and the samples may make some producers jealous. It’s always been historically difficult for groups that tend to be more of a live experience to pass their energy along via MP3/CD/vinyl etcetera, Big Gigantic let’s it be known with Nocturnal that they are damn good in the studio and they’re even better live. This is a great album to accompany the year that the world is supposedly going to go see them live. If you don’t believe me, check out their NYE show from Chicago, video below. And if you missed our chat with the two you can read our interview here.

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