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Big Gigantic Is Ready for 2012


Big Gigantic is slated to release their highly anticipated album Nocturnal on Wednesday, January 11th and what better way to prepare than getting to know the duo and take a minute and find out what they’re all about. Big G took some time to answer Magnetic’s questions to let us know who is behind those shape-shifting beats and killer sax. They wrapped up 2011 with a NYE gig in Chicago where they debuted their new lighting rig and they also played SnowGlobe in Tahoe. 2012 is looking super busy for the duo as well. See some of their tour dates below the video at the bottom of this interview. I wish I could say I sat down with them personally for this, but they were too busy finishing up their killer tour schedule.

We had no idea what we were doing when we started. I knew I loved electronic music and I played the saxophone and thats about it.

Big Gigantic "Nocturnal"

What would you consider a good genre to label your sound?
Electronic Dance Music!!!

Did you intend to create “genre-warping” music when you started?
Definitely not. We had no idea what we were doing when we started. Haha… I knew I loved electronic music and I played the saxophone and that's about it. We are just music lovers and music makers. We just love the whole thing so...we just mix all the stuff that we love about all kinds of music and mash it up into one sound that is Big Gigantic. We just love music and friends and parties so it all works out in the end.

Dominic, how much of your style has been influenced by your formal education from Manhattan School of Music?
So much of everything I do musically comes from my time in MSM. I learned a ridiculous amount of things in school from simple to difficult to avant guarde.

Was your style the same while you were studying?
No, I was definitely more focused on a straight ahead jazz sound than I was into jamming or electronic music.

Any interesting stories from school?
I just went to school with so many amazing people. Most of the people are famous in their own right or performing with someone famous. It was great to watch so many really talented people make some amazing music.

Jeremy, where did you learn to play with such a style? Who is your biggest influence?
I am mostly self-taught but have taken private lessons from drummers I admire. I really don't have one main influence. I love checking out drummers and listening to what they're doing to learn their approach. I then try and take what I learned from them and bring it into my own playing. I feel like it helps keep me versatile and really helps keep me from getting bored playing the same thing over and over.

When you guys remix a song your style shines though so it's undoubtedly Big Gigantic. How do you choose which songs make the cut?
I really just pick songs I like or parts of songs that I like and just kinda put my thing on it. Usually I can kind of hear something in my head when I hear the original so I know it's gonna work out for the most part.

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Any place on your upcoming tour that you've never been to that you're particularly looking forward to?
Most of the places we are hitting this tour we've been to before. But we haven't headlined all these places so it will be nice to be able to come in and do our own thing.

How long have you been working on the new album?
Pretty much for the last nine months between touring and writing and finishing it up at the end.

Where do you see Big Gigantic in five years?
We hope to just keep growing and growing and we are going to just keep working hard and keeping things fresh and new. Hopefully still be touring and touring worldwide and still releasing a lot of music.

Which artist would do you most want to share a stage with?
Man there are so so many but we have talked recently about how sweet a Herbie Hancock collaboration would be!

January 2012

  1. 1/18 @ Belly Up in Aspen, CO #

  2. 1/19 @ Aggie Theater in Ft. Collins, CO #

  3. 1/20 @ Boulder Theater in Boulder, CO #

  4. 1/21 @ Ogden Theater Denver, CO #

  5. Jan 26 in 30 @ Mayan Holidaze in Mayan Riviera, MEXICO

# in w/ Griz

February 2012

  1. 2/1 @ The Coliseum in Tallahassee, FL ~

  2. 2/2 @ The Vault in Gainesville, FL

  3. 2/3 @ Crowbar in Tampa, FL ~

  4. 2/4 @ Jax Live in Jacksonville, FL ~

  5. 2/8 @ WorkPlay Theater in Birmingham, AL *

  6. 2/9 @ Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, TN *

  7. 2/10 @ Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, GA *

  8. 2/11 @ Orange Peel in Asheville, NC *

  9. 2/12 @ Jefferson Theatre in Charlottesville, VA *

  10. 2/14 @ Westcott Theater in Syracuse, NY *

  11. 2/15 @ Higher Ground Ballroom in Burlington, VT *

  12. 2/16 @ Royale in Boston, MA *

  13. 2/17 @ 9:30 Club in Washington DC *

  14. 2/18 @ Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA *

  15. 2/19 @ Webster Hall in New York, NY *

  16. 2/22 @ Mr. Small's Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA %

  17. 2/23 @ Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH %

  18. 2/24 @ Royal Oak Music Theatre in Detroit, MI

  19. 2/25 @ The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI %

  20. 2/26 @ Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH %

  21. 2/29 @ The Blue Moose in Iowa City, IA %

~ in w/ Sir Charles
* in w/ Adventure Club
% in w/ Paper Diamond

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