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Celldweller: The Complete Cellout Vol. 01


Let’s keep it simple; this is what happens when you mix hard-hitting electronic music with rock. Celldweller heightens the genres of industrial, to dubstep, to drum ‘n bass, to heavy hardcore vocals to the next level on their 12 track full-length album, The Complete Cellout Vol. 01. Expect a heavy dose of multiple genres that impedes the brain with overwhelming sounds in a beautiful way. Celldweller teamed up with a handful of artist to transform this album from solid to badass, from Drivepilot, to Bare, to Blue Stahli, to J Scott D, Joman, Josh Money, and Toksin, each infused their musical talents with mad skills. Each track tickles the senses but three stood out. “Louder Than Words” is a dubstep track mixed with heavy vocals and sick breakdowns, “I Can’t Wait” is a solid drum ‘n bass track that will have the brain thinking it’s apart of the sickest video game and “So Long Sentiment” is a track that showcases impeccable vocals with beautiful build ups. This album actually reminds me of Linkin Park’s Reanimation album released back in 2002, where Linkin Park remixed the tracks from their first LP Hybrid Theory.

Electronic and rock music can co-exist and in fact create beautiful music together. Even if this doesn’t spark your usual taste in electronic music, I believe it’s worth a listen in its entirety simple because it’s something that you don’t hear often. Pure insanity.

The album is available for purchase here.

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