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Daniel Avery (Stopmakingme) “Airstrike” EP

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Relish Recordings is proud to announce the forthcoming “Airstrike” EP by last year’s talented breakthrough, Daniel Avery aka Stopmakingme. After an impressively productive year of productions and DJing under his Stopmakingme alias, Daniel has reverted back to his original name to release three original boundary-pushing tracks on Headman’s world-renowned label.

Known for his heavily rotated remixes for the likes of Hercules & Love Affair, In Flagranti, Bag Raiders, and Metronomy, Avery has won over the support from industry greats such as Erol Alkan and Andy Weatherall. With all of that plus a residency at London’s legendary Fabric nightclub, 2012 is already building up to be another successful year for Daniel.

The “Airstrike” EP features three new original songs and a couple of unique remixes. The title track is majorly beat driven, featuring an undulating synth bass and 909 claps. It moves in a building motion with rhythmic sample work and rising energy. The second song, “Sleeper,” takes you on a ride back down from where the title track left off. It pushes more toward the lo-fi direction, giving you a chill interlude before jumping back onto the floor with the third track, “Input/Machine.” This final track is the final stop on your “Airstrike” ride, and it’s just what you’ve been anticipating. Kicking hard right off the bat, “Input/Machine” has this distorted old school freestyle/house blend of beats that works unintentionally well with those heavily pitched vocal samples.

Daniel’s new EP doesn’t end with just three tracks of course, as the accompanying remixes are also of respectable quality. The first remix of the title track is by Tom Furse of The Horrors. He’s been a popular remix package guest for years, but this one really got my attention. Tom takes "Airstrike" to an even higher level, most fit for those dark afterhours warehouse parties; it’s definite secret-weapon material for DJs who like to set themselves apart from the rest. The second and final remix is by France’s Roman Rouffiac, aka Remain. Remain’s version goes in a more electro-groove direction that is a hands-in-the-air stomper with disco-infused drums and a pulsating lead synth. As both remixes may be totally different, they are both essential to the powerful EP that is "Airstrike."

"Airstrike" is out on February 20th and will be available through most digital and physical outlets via Relish Recordings. If this EP is a sign of things to come on Avery’s upcoming releases on Throne of Blood and Gomma, then I’d say the future looks bright and more genre-expanding than before.

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