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Eli Escobar “Work It” For Dither Down Records

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Eli Escobar sent this us this video he made for this new track “Work It.” We’re into it—it definitely has his signature electro born on the NYC streets house vibe. The 4 track EP is out January 24, 2012 via BeatPort and 12-inch (otherwise February 7th for the rest of you folks) and is Escobar's first release on Dither Down Records—a new label headed up by Tim Wagner of 33Hz and DJ Chicus of the reggae label, Redbud Records. The lable brings together their love of indie pop with disco, dub, 80s electro and house while focusing on up and coming New York artists. If you’re into what you hear here, check out the rest of the EP: “Anniversary,” “I Believe” and “K.O.D.” are equally impressive.


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