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Gary Numan Talks "Dead Son Rising"

The one and only Gary Numan breaks down three tracks off his Dead Son Rising album. You can pick up the deluxe edition of Dead Son Risinghere. The pack includes the CD, a DVD with “The Fall” promo video, interviews, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, a gallery and a slide show, including a 24-page hardback booklet. BTW, we’re working on a Numan feature, stay tuned.


So, The Fall. This was the first song to be finished and we started playing this live at least two years ago, maybe longer. Already a crowd favourite at gigs it has a huge bassline and a rousing, anthemic chorus. Its a powerful song to play live, very exciting. Its about a once very good friend of mine who decided that my wife and I had done something unkind, which we had not, and a whole world of unpleasantness kicked off—never to be fixed. Its a shining example of how someone who is arrogant, paranoid and bitter is likely to go off the rails at any moment. Im not talking about me by the way.

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Dead Sun Rising, my favourite track on the album, is a science fantasy out-take from a book that I have been trying to write off-and-on for years but have quite finished. I write endless notes and small segments for it, most of which gets stolen and turned into songs. Dead Son Rising has at least three songs from that source. Lyrically its quite difficult to explain, but this is how I described it to my producer, Ade Fenton, when he was looking for some guidance on how to produce it: ‘Imagine a time when the world is changed beyond recognition, the people are dead and all that remains are a handful of embryos, living in the dead bodies of their mothers. Kept alive and protected from the dangers around them, both natural and unnatural, by the ghosts of those that caused the apocalypse in the first place. It is these ghosts that narrate the song.

When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come, also from my sci-fantasy notes, concerns the coming of a God. Not the one of the Bible so not intended as offensive or insulting in any way, but the one from my story. Any similarity is entirely coincidental. This is another song thats very cool to play live. Wide dynamic range, a gentle, almost pretty verse that launches into a big chorus and back again. I love that extreme light and shade stuff. My wife calls this the Ledge song, as it gives her that same rush she got when she leapt off a tall building on a wire recently. I think shes odd.

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