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Jaiden “The Cure”—If You Like Melody-Riding Shotgun In Your Breakbeats

When I first read about the artist Jaiden “The Cure” I thought it was a hip-hop artist named Jaiden featuring The Cure. This opened up such getting to see Porl Thompson in a do-rag...but, as reality would have it, I misread it. Still, there is good news.


Jaiden “The Cure” is an up-and-coming presence worth checking out. He has just released a new song and video off of his mixed tape Shades of Grey. The video is featuring singer Yummy Bingham and was shot in Jaiden's born state of New York by Roc Digital Pictures. The song “Melody” bumps, and its video has generated almost one thousand downloads in just nine hours. If you like melody-riding shotgun in your breakbeats, you'll like this. Apparently I'm not alone, as he has been nominated for a Grammy.

So with that let me introduce you to Jaiden “The Cure.”

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Seriously though, Simon Gallup in Adidas would have been pretty insane. You with me?

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