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“Just Another Manic Monday”: Getting Inside with Nigel Ficke Ep 6 Featuring Moguai

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A portly man dressed in a self-tailored purple unicorn shirt enthusiastically hops around the dancefloor, flashing moves stolen from past decades, and perhaps future ones that haven’t happened yet. His head is covered with a curly brown mop, and warming his upper lip is a feathery porno-stache, of which Moguai, aka Andre Tegeler, praises with high regards. This is the newly released sixth episode of “Getting Inside with Nigel Ficke,” featuring Moguai at the Los Angeles Playhouse for the Monday Night Social series. In it, Moguai excitingly discusses his current tour and his soon-to-be-released album Mpire on Mau5trap Recordings later this year. Be sure to check this video out, as well as the others on Nigel Ficke’s Youtube page. Quoting The Bangles, Moguai summarizes the episode perfectly:

Just another manic Monday.

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