Le Mystique—The Antithesis Of The Post-Modern Crooner

Le Mystique are a little bit of everything. Sometimes you hear a little "Mass Production" by Iggy Pop, the song which might actually be the Grandfather of Industrial Music. (?) Other times you hear Peter Murphy. The one thing that all styles Le Mystique attacks have in unison is that voice. Jimmy Dukelow is a torch carrier for and the antithesis of the Post-Modern crooner. While some songs are electronic and others more traditionally bluesy, that voice holds the whole thing together. Check out “The Night” for an electronic candy sample. Then there is “Mystically in Love.” That's right. Le Mystique, “Mystically in Love.” C'mon...how hot is that? Really!!


If you aren't afraid of eclectic music, Le Mystique is definitely not a bad scene.

Le Mystique "The Night"

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Le Mystique "Mystically In Love"

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