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Limited Edition Amon Tobin Boxset—Bat Shit Crazy Good

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It’s still stuck in my craw that I missed Amon Tobin’s ISAM: Live show in Los Angeles. By all accounts it was pretty epic. Of course Tobin’s music is top shelf, but the visuals and technical achievements by V-Squared are insanely good and put the whole thing way over the top. Have you seen the video from his show in Canada for Mutek? I’d call it bat shit crazy good.


As much as missing the live show was a rub, I’m finding a little comfort knowing that guy is going to release his first ever boxset. The release is strictly limited and will come in the form of a bolt-fastened mechanical “press” filled with 6 x 10-inch vinyl, 7 x CD, 2 x DVD and several posters. Pretty sweet. Most of the material is unreleased, almost none of it has ever been available in physical form.

It includes new music, unreleased dub plates and a wealth of archive material, Amon Tobin's earliest audio experiments (never been played in public before), film and television score work, unreleased score work, deleted bootlegs, “ISAM: Live” show DVD, “ISAM: Live” audio album, remixes, cover versions and re-interpretations of the ISAM album, remixes Amon has produced for others, a recording of the (November 2010) Royal Albert Hall orchestrations of Amon Tobin. Are you drooling as much as I am? If you are, you can preorder it here.

BTW, if you’re in the UK on May 12 there’s a show at London's Brixton Academy and another one on May 19 at at Manchester's Future Everything Festival. The shows will feature new visual backdrops from V-Squared.

I predict that his show at this year's Coachella will be one of the standouts.

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