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Los Angeles: Skrillex At Control With Standout Sets From Huoratron And Kill The Noise

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The mothership landed and invaded Control at the Avalon Friday night. For close to four hours I watched and raged with a full house of hardcore Skrillex fans that nearly blew out my ears sockets with their high pitched screams. Although the night remained focused on the main attraction, Sonny Moore, I found that the special guest Huoratron and Kill the Noise stole the limelight.

Walking into Control, I was already preparing myself mentally for the chaos that would soon occur. As I approached the dancefloor, a DJ I wasn’t familiar with, Huoratron, was hitting the stage. Within seconds his unique sound instantly caught my attention, the mixed sound of industrial, deep house, dubstep, with glitch and laser attacks were mesmerizing. As I continued to watch, I was entertained by his intense stage presence, the guy wouldn’t stand still, literally. He jumped up and down like a madman, completely exerted 100% of his energy into the music along with making hand gestures to match the sound, which the crowd positively responded to. I honestly ended up investing my full attention into his 60-minute set, especially when the visual affects started playing simultaneously on the big screens surrounding the venue. The music and visuals matched perfectly and I ended up staring at the screen for nearly 30 minutes completely zoned out while the dancefloor started to grow like cancer. The closer it got to midnight, the stage started to fill up with “important” people, which triggered the thought, Skrillex must be coming out soon. Within ten minutes, he ran up to the turntables with his hands in the air and that’s when all hell broke loose.

High pitched screams were coming from every corner of the venue, girls with their hands high in the air and the guys yelling like there was no tomorrow. The crowd started pushing forward, girls were climbing on guys' shoulders, and the second Huoratron ended his final song; Skrillex kicked off his two hour set with “My Name is Skrillex” and the dubstep overload was in full effect. Love him or hate him, Moore knows how to hype up a crowd to the maximum degree. People were going bananas over his breakdowns and robotic tunes like it was the greatest thing since slice bread but it was obvious Moore was completely humbled and exhilarated to play here in his hometown. He danced, smoked cigs, and talked on the mic interacting with the crowd. I will admit, his transitions into tracks has improved because the first time I watched a Skrillex set I thought his transition were choppy. He played a few of my favorite tracks from “All I Ask of You” featuring Penny, Nero's “Promises,”“Cinema,” and I genuinely enjoyed hearing his new material from the “Bangarang” EP which sounds excellent live, especially his collaboration track with Wolfgang Gartner “The Devil’s Den” and “Summit” featuring Ellie Goulding. Of course, there were moments when the crowd simmered down quite a bit but Moore would easily gather the hype back to its maximum degree. Overall, Moore performed a solid set, he strategically mapped out his set and the crowd loved him.

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The surprise of the night ended up being Kill the Noise. Before he started his set, Moore had the crowd sing Happy Birthday to Jakob, whom said to the crowd he spent his previous birthday at Control in the crowd, but never imagined he would stand on stage a year later performing in front of others. Sadly, the majority of people ended up leaving the Avalon after Moore’s set and completely missed out. Although he started off shaky, within 20 minutes into his set, the pace picked up and he started spinning solid tracks that continued the energy circulating in the venue since 11 pm. His set was dynamic and diverse playing tracks from various artists including his own material. From label mate Zedd, to Flux Pavilion, to Waka Flocka Flame, to Flinch, to Knife Party he played it all and mixed it well. His transitions were choppy and random between tracks at moments but he quickly recovered; but I believe this guy has a bright future, with a hell of lot of potential. For a newbie in the game, he performed a pretty damn good set, and ended my night off well.

The best part about Control was that every set that I watched was different and each artist possessed unique traits that made their sets individualistic. I didn’t hear dubstep for four straight hours, thankfully. Huoratron and Kill the Noise were my favorite sets of the night and I encourage others to see these guys live, they won’t disappoint.

For now, the mothership has sailed and Los Angeles can rest.

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