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Maison Kitsuné Fall-Winter 2012 Men’s Collection

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It’s funny, I ride my bike to work most days of the week and have seen one, maybe two, dapper slash chic types going down the road on a bicycle here in Los Angeles. I’ve never been to Paris, but I somehow imagine that the city is filled with very sophisticated looking men (and women) bouncing around town rocking very traditional garb like these looks from Maison Kitsuné. Paris is the epitome of elegance, isn’t it? Am I right or am I right? Or am I right? Am I right?


That’s what was running through Maison Kitsuné designer Masaya Kuroki’s head when she put this collection together. The new Fall-Winter 2012 collection is a modern reinterpretation with a French twist of the now famous British Tweed Run, the old time cycling club. A collection suitable for work, leisure and elegant times.

In other Kitsuné news, here’s a teaser video of the upcoming track “Kiho” by BeatauCue. It’s out February 13th.

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