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Mixtape Roundup: Five Must Haves From Bag Raiders, Breakbot, The Magician, Oliver, Justin Miller

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Ah, nothing beats a quality mixtape. They’re perfect for driving, ideal for working and totally essential for pre-gaming prior to a night out. There’s a mix for every mood and time of day/night, and there’s no better way to stumble upon good music you haven’t heard yet. In my weekly mixtape roundups you’ll hear some unique sounds. If I had to put a few labels on what I’m listening to these days, I guess I’d consider it disco, house, and deepness all combined into one genre consisting of 100% awesomeness.

#1. January 2012 mix by Bag Raiders

Bag Raiders can do no wrong. This mix may not be what you’d totally expect from them considering their album, but it goes to show that these guys are killer DJs too. They actually have quite a few impressive mixes under their belts, but it’s nice to know they will be doing one each and every month this year. This first installment features tons of very new deeper vibe tracks that will definitely be popular this year. I like this mix not only because every song back to back is a banger, but also the mixing itself is exciting. Look forward to tunes by Canyons, Russ Yallop, Lee Foss, Hot Toddy, Jonas Rathsman, and more. You can find the tracklist in the comments.

#2 . "Live at Le Bain" in NYC by Justin Miller

DFA’s Justin Miller is definitely up there as one of the finest tastemakers around today in our funny world of this kind of music. This mix is a live recording of his DJ set from the later half of summer at Le Bain in his hometown of NYC. I find myself playing this mix several times a week due to the fact that no tracklist was ever provided and I’m unfamiliar with the majority of songs. It’s always nice to hear something you want real bad, resulting in hours of homework just to find it. Hit that play button and enjoy songs from the likes of Suzanne Kraft, Chic, Psychemagik, Cassius and more.

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#3. "Audio Speedwagon" Part 1 by Oliver

I can’t say enough good things about Oliver, aka U-Tern and Oligee. These two must be one of the hardest working duos in all of dance music today. Not only do they consistently release a lot of music, but it always happens to be top notch. Whether it’s productions or DJing, Oliver kills it. Keep your eyes peeled for them this year. Anyway, this megamix is awesome. It consists of a ton of their favorite lesser-known disco, funk, Italo, and dance tracks from the past; all thrown together in a fast-paced 27-minute party mix. If this doesn’t get you dancing then I’d be worried. You’ll recognize a lot of the tracks, but you’re going to do your share of digging to find them all.

#4. "Magic Tape" 19 by The Magician

The Magician’s Magic Tapes series have developed a pretty massive following, and it’s clear why this is the case. He’s always been ahead of the curve and freakishly accurate with his predictions of what’s about to blow up. You can always count on the Magic Tapes to fill you in on the future blog hits of today’s world in nu-disco and indie dance. I love how he never gives out the tracklist, so it’s basically a competition among Soundcloud fans to figure it all out. By the time everyone figures the songs out, you can bet The Magician has already rounded up his picks for the next one. I guess I believe in magic. Listen up for tunes by current favorites like Friendly Fires, Todd Terje, Goldroom, Moon Boots, and more. Is it summer yet? Sure feels like it in LA, especially with this on the speakers.

#5. Live at “Night Falls Tour” in Toronto by Breakbot

Oh Breakbot, you funky genius. This is a live recording of his set opening for Chromeo in Toronto a few months ago. I always look forward to Breakbot’s mixes because his track selection is so diverse and he manages to cram a ridiculous number of songs within an hour. Not many people can make his style of mixing work, but his sets are just effortless. This mix starts off with some disco classics and then kicks into some higher energy jams around the midway mark. Get ready to hear everything from Central Line, George Benson, Alan Braxe + Fred Falke, a lovely DJ Mehdi tribute and of course Breakbot’s own hits.

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