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Mozani Ramzan—Get Down With Some Malaysian Ethno-Techno

So here's a great icebreaker for the next social situation you find yourself ready? Walk up to the uber cool circle of name droppers and taste makers and ask:


So, who is down for some Malaysian Ethno-Techno?

 This would extend your social butterfly wingspan—trust me. Why? The fusion of electronica and world music is a marriage made in audio heaven. If you are domestic in your grooves, a great place to start on this journey would be entering the world of Mozani Ramzan. You will get more international flavor in these eclectic tracks than a high-end mixed coffee assortment. Check out “Taj Mahal” and “The Harvest” to validate this claim.

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The music of Mozani Ramzan is great soundtrack music for the individual, making the usual mundane drive home take a detour through countless continents, not to mention it's great chillout music.


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