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Old Man Motel Takes The Brian Eno Concept Of Ambient Music To Great Heights


Unless you are the type that looks through a record store like a person on a beach with a metal detector, you might just miss some awesome things in the Imports section...that is, if there even is an Import section.

And even if there was, how likely would you be to find amazing ambient music from Jamsankoski, Finland? Can you hear the metal detector beeping?

Old Man Motel's Ari Porki takes the Brian Eno concept of ambient music to great heights. It is not music made with any chance of commercial embrace. It's just mellow intricate goodness. If you are in the market to enter an atmosphere for your mind to legitimately wander, rent-to-own this music. It's dark enough to be mysterious while relaxing enough to be dreamy. Did I just say “dreamy?” Am I turning into Gidget? The bottom line, Old Man Motel achieves the goal of being the real thing. Describing the music, the Old Man Motel bio reads:

Just step in. We have no official check in...

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I can't top that.

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