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Peaches “Casablanca Rework Project” (Gomma)

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The queen of fem-dom dirty rap is back for 2012 after a brief hiatus doing who knows what (if you don’t want to know, don’t ask). But this isn’t dirty rap. There’s no need for parental advisory stickers here, no curse words, no references to genitalia. Haters are probably wondering “what the is she doing then, singing?” Exactly. This EP teams Peaches up with some of today’s best nu-disco producers and re-interoperates four disco tracks originally released on the legendary disco label Casablanca Records.

Peaches seems to have been taking a break from writing lyrics that would make Belladonna blush and instead cleaned her pipes (not in that way) to get ready to sing. The lead track is a cover of Michael Sembello’s “Maniac” (from Flashdance), and features Moullinex on production. It’s a slightly slowed down 2012 dancefloor filler, with a thick bassline, harmonized synths, and just enough arpeggiator to get out your leg warmers. Munk takes the reigns in the cover of the Stephanie Mills cut “You Can’t Run From My Love,” making more of a disco rap track, with Peaches closely matching Mills on belting out the hook. “Our Love” is a disco meets acid house meets freestyle take on the Donna Summer original. The combination of Telonius’ production with Casablanca producer Harold Faltermayer on the keyboards make for a track that that’s reminiscent of something that would be in the Hot Mix Five rotation, and is definitely the standout track on the EP. Its closed out with the Skatt Brothers“Walk the Night” and brings Peaches back to her signature down your throat delivery (with the help of the Phenomenal Handclap Band).

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Gomma took a pretty big risk on this project, especially with the “hate her or love her” attitude people have towards Peaches. However it worked and worked well. This EP helps prove that Peaches is more than a shtick or an act and should help silence the haters. You can’t pull off covers like this without substantial musical knowledge and talent. Oh, but if you still want to get your dirty on check out the video for “Maniac.”

Available January 13th, 2012. You can preview the songs here.

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