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Pick Up Your Shovel And Dig—Made of Wood

“Eclectic, atmospheric, awesome.” These are words I use often. But please...don’t think my over use of these adjectives waters them down. I mean it. So, be prepared to hear them again.


“Electronica” and “jazz” are labels that are often like “love” in that there are many ways to define and interpret them. Some purists might disagree, but to me both are over the place sonically, and this is a good thing. These days, the tendency of many artists is to combine these genres with a shot of funk.

"Made of Wood" instrumentalist Dan Waldman takes it all the way. If you like lounge, you will like this. If you love the instrumental sampling technique, say, similar to will like this. But here’s the secret weapon...if you think that the music heard in far out 70’s cop shows is unearthed dirty deep funky goodness, pick up your shovel and dig Made of Wood. For proof of the latter, check out “The Switch” for an example.

You can hear the latest Made of Wood album Birds of the State Fair online. (Title track below.) This is not listen-to-it-once music. With revisits and checking in on it, these songs...that upon first listen are (ready?) eclectic, atmospheric, and awesome...will continue to grow on you.

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